Pardon my lack of posts...

Well I'm taking a beating. But I won't cry, I bought it on myself and everyone certainly has the right to vent. The good news is that most of you cut me some slack with just a bit of lecturing. Unfortunately a few didn't and some of those were guys I have really grown to like. That kinda sucks. Part of me feels like repeatedly apologizing, but my guess is that those who will forgive already have, and those who have not probably never will.

I think it best if just move on. Of course I expect a few more questions over time, but I'll not address the issue via my future posts again. I’ve flexed my inner muscle (definitely a joke in that), hiked up my britches and got back on track. And I’m slinging clichés’ like a Fox News reporter…lol.

My ever-vacillating vacation plans are alive and well. The Islands might be on again and I'm thinking of a quick trip to Bangkok. I was actually scared to go there, but I have a female co-worker who just went with her girlfriend and they had a blast. No safety issues as all. We'll see.

The average guy. An awesome male beauty.

Every once and a while I come across a picture that just will not fit into a set. Sometimes the pose is unusual or the activity is unique. Other times, as in this case, the pic is just special. It's not a particularly impressive photo, certainly not professional. The guy isn't waxed, evenly tanned, or coated in make-up. He isn't perfect.

Well, except for the fact that he is just perfect. That perfect mixed of boyish charm and manly sex appeal. The perfect mix of age hardened muscles with just a touch of baby fat to smooth things out. He is the kind of guy that both women and men drool over, and the best part is he is probably a little unsure. You can see it in his eyes - confident but hardly cocky.

I realize everyone will not see what all my fuss is about. Some will just see a semi-wellbuilt brown guy with a average size. But for me, this is a singular example of awesome male beauty.

Aren't you going to fall in love with Brazil too?